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Starship Improvise is probably the leading short-form “Whose Line is it Anyway?” style improvised comedy troupe in South Africa.

Co-founder Chris Forrest, well known as a stand up comedian, has over 13 years of improv experience behind him. After working with various improv groups, he decided in 2007 to form his own troupe and Starship Improvise was born. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, performing both corporate and public shows all over South Africa, as well as making numerous TV appearances, including a starring roll on Mzanzi Magic’s LOL as the “Abadlali”.

Over the years, Forrest has trained a whole host of comedians and drama students in the art of short-form improv, from the basics right through to an advanced level. He has facilitated literally hundreds of workshops, the participants of which have included almost all of South Africa’s top improvisers.

Team Building

Improvised comedy only works by sticking to a strict list of rules along with various techniques and learnt skills. All of these skills and techniques can translate into your daily work-life in order to benefit your staff to ensure a happier and more productive team! Here is how:

  • Promotes thinking on the fly/quick thinking/muscle memory to think on your feet/ respond off the cuff (Great for Sales Reps)
  • It’s a great ice breaker
  • Ignite creativity and innovations
  • Promote team work
  • Improve listening skills – both active & passive, verbal & non-verbal
  • Promotes tolerance and acceptance
  • Thinking out of the box whilst sticking to predefined rules
  • Creates Confidence
  • Creates an environment which fosters relationship building/create humanness/ breakdown walls.
  • Starship Improvise has the unique ability to cater to any demographic in the country

And to ensure we target the weaknesses of your team, our lead facilitator will meet with the team leader prior to the workshop in order to tailor-make the workshop for your team.

Unlike other team-building workshops, ours is practical instead of theory based. We get our hands dirty and get your team DOING exactly what they are supposed to.

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